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When thinking about water in relation to architecture,  in the context of Southern California, the word pressure persistently kept re-emerging. But every time, with a new association: whether it was the structural pressure it takes to contain water, or the actual pressure of water required in the reservoirs.

The proposal aims to control ground, water and in turn architecture. A double layer of its purest geometry is introduced - a vessel-like container serving as the various reservoirs. The outer walls thus serve as their secondary retaining wall, beginning to question the structural pressures necessary for this type of architecture. As such, the program in turn occupies these interstitial spaces - each operating as a type of bent enfilade. A sloped exterior hall, hovering over water, serves as the center point from which the various programs are accessed. Ultimately, hidden within and between the structure nest the carved out slivered gaps. Gaps that contract, expand and bend in response to the intertwined pressures of the contained water, structural forces and socio-political necessities. 

Spring 2021
Instructor: Jimenez Lai
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