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The proposed AEDI center is located at an oxymoronic crossover, transitioning from the fluid sculpture garden into the rigidity of the Broad. Instinctively, our first thought was to create some kind of bridge between both worlds, both in terms of physical and visual thresholds. Thus arose a series of leaning structural walls, embracing the diagonal both in plan and sectionally, as it folds away from the Serra statue to create an immersive experience.

This immersive experience is what we hoped would define the AEDI center - one that moves away from the upright, and embraces heterogeneity. It is meant to visually challenge the existing campus’ architectural language and its corresponding representation of power and order. The slanted concrete walls that create a sense of instability are counteracted by the fragility of the wood and metal wire mesh. The translucent mesh stair, structurally the ‘weakest’ material’ appears to hold the heavy concrete walls together.

Ultimately, the project becomes about layers - in which a series of walls are literally being pierced through by its circulation. Moments like those - moments under, between and within the leanings walls, are what define this AEDI center. Moments in which we move away from the upright and take on the task of instability, not shy away from it.

Winter 2021
Instructor: Narineh Mirzaeian
Partner: Wei Qiu
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