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This housing scheme explores a scattering of points, in which the single-family house is inflated to become a part of village-like collective. The truncated blocks split and splay from one another in order to allow light and air into the common areas and apartments. It aims to re-define living between and amongst proximity - with a common ground that then moves away from one another - whilst focusing on moments of aperture, where one is under, as well as within the grounds. It aims to break the homogeneity of the traditional grid block, whilst preserving the scale of the single family house.

Instead of exercising another generic urban patterned development building - this project aims to empathize with the scale of LA’s single-family house typology. It does so by embracing the oblique, liberating the ground, and split & splaying away from one another.

Fall 2020
Instructor: Mohamed Sharif
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