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The project at hand speculates on the future of abandoned sound stage typologies of movie studios in Los Angeles, which due to the emerging technologies for digital scene making, will eventually render the currently required physical spaces obsolete. Warner Brother’s Sound Stages became an icon to Los Angeles’ stylistically-ambiguous architecture. They appeared in every Warner Brothers movie intro song, with its corresponding melody resonating to people world wide. In this sense, they were a specific building typology, native to LA’s city fabric. Therefore, we speculated that the site would eventually become a historic landmark. This posed an interesting architectural question: How do we build around, within, perhaps above, an existing almost city-like grid?

Spring 2022
Instructor: Kutan Ayata
Partner: Wei Qiu
Warner brothers map.PNG
Aerial View.jpg
Roof- Brooklyn.jpg
Roof - Fabric.jpg
Roof - Furniture.jpg
Corner - NYC .jpg
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